brewed with whole tea leaves and a touch of honey

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About the Tea:

At Goldenhive we microbrew our tea using only whole organic tea leaves and a touch of pure, completely unrefined Northwest honey. We keep our ingredients minimal and whole, never using flavorings, refined sugars, extracts, or anything artificial. The result is a tasty, healthful dink.

Whole Tea leaves:

We brew our tea exclusively from organic whole tea leaves. Most of the other guys use tea "fannings," i.e. crushed tea leaves and dust, if they use any leaves at all. Whole leaves provide a smoother, lighter bodied, and more nuanced flavor profile as well as higher levels of antioxidants.

Pure Honey:

Tea and honey perfectly compliment each others flavor profile in a way that is amazing. We use honey and only honey to lightly sweeten our teas. All of our honey is sourced from local Pacific Northwest apiaries. Completely unadulterated, it arrives at the brewery just as it would out of the comb, raw and with bits of pollen and other hive goodness in it.


Our Story

We are a very young and small company from Portland, OR. The idea for Goldenhive first occurred way back in 2008, but for one reason or another was shelved until mid 2012. In that time many a good iced tea recipe came and went with only the best surviving. These recipes have their origins in hot days spent in the shade of big trees and warm nights amongst friends. Our mission is simple, to make really good iced tea. Our first batch was brewed in April 2013, we hope you enjoy it.

A note about our brewing process:

Our tea is currently made with the assistance and facilities of a small fruit packing company located about 40 miles southwest of Portland. With their help we are able to microbrew and bottle our tea with the utmost of care.

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